Individual A Frame Tents For Business Use

We pride ourselves in our amazing, top quality A frame tents, which are designed with all business needs in mind.

Our fantastic cross joint is super safe and our fabulously strong cross poles with their well fitted inserts are a feature that no other tent builder use.

All three of these features fit together to achieve our 3 point safety system® which has been registered to us at Design House, making it truly unique.

You can guarantee that you are offering your clients their safest sleepover yet and prove this with the declaration of conformity which we provide you when you make a purchase.

Read more about each of these features on our about page and find out how our frames can help bring your business dreams come true.

Mini A Frame Tent

mini tent

Our Mini A frame Tent for toys allows you to offer an extra little add on for children to include their favourite teddies to feel part of the sleepover experience too!

Hand crafted from gorgeous pine throughout.

Purchase the Mini Den on its own or choose a bundle to receive all the accessories you need to liven up a sleepover theme of choice – please see our business builder bundles.

Compact A Frame Tent

compact frame

Our Compact A Frame Tent is perfect for those who offer events to younger children or are limited with space.

This frame is made from beautiful pine but still consists of the plywood cross poles, ensuring that there is still the strength and durability for multiple builds.

It would also be a nice little addition for a small persons bedroom or playroom!

Large A Frame Tent

large tent

Our Large A Frame Tents are the main acquisition for most sleepover companies.

With frames made from gorgeous tulipwood, individual in colour and style, and boasting super strong plywood cross poles, these frames are strong and durable.

Available in two different sizes – slimline and normal, but both featuring the same distinguishing features.

Friendship A Frame Tent

friendship tent

A tent made for two!

An excellent addition for those event planners who cater for adult or best friend sleepovers, quiet zones or children’s areas at weddings and other big events.

Perfect to be teamed with a picnic table or rug.

Also available in slimline or normal depths.

A Frame Sleepover Tents

Additional Covers

Would you like to offer themes which use different coloured covers, or maybe just for special occasions?

Fear not. Our covers can be purchased separately to top up your collection.

Browse our ready made options or order some bespoke covers just for you.

A Frame Tents For Business Sizes

Conversion Kit

Have you already purchased our normal depth or slimline tents and wish to change your size?

Our conversion kit is a great way to do that without having to purchase the whole tent frame again.

The kit consists of three cross poles at your desired length and a cover in your chosen colour.

inserts and screws

Spare Parts

We also offer cross poles, screws and inserts for those times when you might need a spare on hand.

Don’t be caught out at your setups by making sure you have some extras in your back pocket!

Understanding Our Sizes

Our Large and Friendship tents have the option to be slimline or normal depths.

A Frame Tents For Business Measurements
A Frame Tents For Business Sizes

The slimline (90cm deep) option is great for anyone who has a smaller car for transportation or who prefers more mattress out of the frame.

The normal (120cm deep) is 30cm longer, so if transportation is not an issue for you, or you prefer more mattress covered, then this choice is for you.

slimline or normal 2

How To Build Our Frames

How To Fold Our Frames Flat

How To Put On Our Pocket Covers

How To Put On Our Elastic Covers

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