So, what makes someone in a relatively secure job, with a guaranteed income and job satisfaction by the ton decide to leave and set up in business?

Craziness? Money?

Well, for me it was these two little cherubs in the photo above.

Back in the day, I trained to be a Primary School teacher and i spent a good long number of years working in different schools around Yorkshire. I had worked my way up to the highest paid level I could be, without moving into headship, and then I got married to Joe, above, and settled down to start our lives together.

A year or so later Elliott came along and I decided that the rat race of education was no longer for me! The marking books until all hours, assessing until my teeth were falling out, the endless meetings that we had to attend – what would my child feel if I had to do all of that? And more importantly what kind of mum would I be if I worked all hours for a job I didn’t really enjoy that much anymore and then have to pull the energy out of nowhere to spend quality time with my children.

Nope, I decided, enough was enough, time to leave the education sector. Luckily for me, my husband and his family own their own business so I took up a position there and all was well.

Child number 2 came along, and he brought with him a whole host of extras!!!!

I was also beginning to feel that my time in education was being missed and I had a vast amount of knowledge and skill going to waste. So, I took up a part time position at my sons school, but this time as a teaching assistant. Giving me what I missed in the classroom without all the added extras!

Then one day, a friend of mine said – ‘Do you know anyone who would like to buy a business?’

I was intrigued and asked her what the business was – ‘Making dens for sleepover companies and families.’

Oh really???? I have a friend who can sew, I can do the admin and wood side – tell me more!

After a few discussions and chats, we decided to go for it and in December 2019 my friend and I both handed in our notice ready to start our new business!!

Needless to say, since taking over Magical Spaces in November 2019, we have had a bit of a rocky ride! We have learned A GREAT DEAL! We have gone through design changes, we have found out about websites, newsletters, marketing, ebay etc etc etc AND NOT TO MENTION THE DREADED C19!

Just as we were about to launch our new design – lockdown!!!!!!!!!!!

Our wood yard stopped production and we couldn’t take orders – disaster!!

However, we are now on the up. Our new design is going amazingly and our feedback from customers is amazing! We have new products lined up to be launched throughout the year, a firm Christmas plan and a new website to boot!!

Myself and my two best friends are working together to build a future for our children where we will be able to spend time with them whenever we want to, do whatever we want to and hopefully get job satisfaction from it too!!

Thank you to all our customers past, present and future for supporting Magical Spaces in our early days and we can only look forward to thriving and growing bigger day by day.