With October well under way, I’m sure your attention (and your bookings!) will be turning towards the Christmas Events! Christmas is such a happy, joyful and colourful point in the mid-winter calendar, and perhaps you are looking for some inspiration for a new Christmas sleepover theme, or maybe you’d like introduce some new bits and pieces to your existing themes? Look no further – we can help with that!

Choosing colours that go well together are the basis of any Christmas theme, and can really pull your sleepover set-up together and make it pop! Colour palettes are a great place to start as they do much of the hard work for you. Below are some of the popular trends you will see this year.

Rainbow Shades

Rainbows are everywhere this Christmas – following on from their popularity as a bright and cheery ‘thank you’ to all those hard-working key-workers who have helped us to get through the toughest of times in the past couple of years. Rainbows are beautifully colourful, and spread a message of hope. No wonder they continue to be so popular! The themes below have been given a sparkly, Christmassy twist.

We have many options here for tent covers – you could try a plain backdrop with white or pale grey covers, and accessorise with glittery rainbow decorations, or you could really make your theme pop with a bright shade for each tent cover! Bright reds, blues, greens and purples would work well for a Bright Rainbow theme, or how about soft pinks, blues, aquas and yellow tent covers for a pastel theme? Add in colourful fairy lights, or simple, soft white lights for a magical glow.

Frosted Berry Theme:

A more grown-up theme with a classic twist – frosted berries are so pretty and sparkly! The photo below shows shades of soft pink and white, lifted with glittery sparkles and muted green foliage. You could have different shades of pink tent covers as a starting point for this theme, with soft white fairy lights for a sophisticated glow. A pale green tree with glittery white and pink baubles, accessorised with white trays with pink and green table linen, and matching cushions would set this theme up perfectly.

Peppermint Christmas

These peppermint shades are becoming increasingly popular, and provide a crisp, clean Christmassy theme that appeals to all ages! Light turquoise shades and mints are complemented by pale, frosty pinks and whites which create a cool, bright colour palette. Our aqua and pink covers would look gorgeous as a starting point for this theme, which can be as child-like or as sophisticated as you like! Compliment with soft aquas and vintage rose pinks, or go all-out sweet-shop with peppermint shades and

bubble-gum pinks!

Candycane Christmas

More traditional than the peppermint shades, Candycane themes are as popular as ever. Below are two colour palettes showing a cool-and-bright candycane theme and a traditional, warm candycane theme. Which do you prefer? We have some beautiful candy-stripe fabric for our covers which looks amazing when teamed up with red and white accessories, or our plain red covers make the perfect backdrop to showcase your bright, red-and-white-striped decorations!

Rose Gold

Nothing quite says ‘warm and cosy Christmas’ like a rose gold theme! Ivory or pink covers

would set this theme off perfectly, teamed with muted shades of sparkly pink baubles and warm white lights. Accessorise with sage and forest greens, tea-rose pinks and aubergine shades for a classic look, or warm golds and browns for a more earthy, natural theme.

Scandi Fun

The ever-popular Scandi theme is back! This is so popular with children of all ages – it can be as simplistic as you wish with shades of red and white, or throw in some cool Nordic shades for a contemporary twist.

A theme of red and white tent covers, along with simple paper chains and home-made stars and white accessories has such a wonderful childhood innocence about it – it really is the perfect scheme for little ones. We even have red covers with white stars on, perfect for a Scandi theme! For a more sophisticated look, try adding in dark grey-blue hues, and warm wine-reds with clear white fairy lights for a look that is reminiscent of the Norwegian fjords. So elegantly understated! We have a beautiful shade called ‘Wodge’ (a kind of Wedgewood blue) which would suit this theme perfectly, along with ivory covers.


Christmas Palette

No Christmas colour round-up would be complete without the traditional Christmas colour scheme! Reds and greens with gold and white are a staple of the family Christmas, and so popular with many of you for your sleepover themes! We have covers in red, green, white and ivory which will

complement any traditional themed sleepover. Add in warm white lights for a cosy glow, or multicoloured lights for a fun, bright scheme. Then go crazy with the tinsel and bright baubles! Throw in some oh-so-cheeky elves for a sleepover they’ll never forget!

So, if you fancy a change of theme or a top up of something you already have, send us a message and we would be happy to help you out. 🙂

Alternatively, head to our shop and see if we have anything available now or made to order.

Credit goes to Sarah for this blog 🙂