Last year we had black starry fabric which was an absolute hit with themes such as movie nights, wizardy ones and others. At that time I spotted the grey version and fell in love but IT WAS OUT OF STOCK!! Fortunately, a whole year later, it came back and I grabbed some as soon as I noticed. It doesn’t disappoint. I LOVE it! SO, this weeks spotlight is on the grey starry fabric.

Grey starry fabric and pink theme

The stars are approximately 2cm square and it is quite a formal pattern of them. You can see we created a gorgeous theme using pale pink to compliment the grey. We also added some HTV fairies to some pink cushions to give it a fairy / mystical feel.

Other ideas could be:

Grey fabric with white stars:

Navy blue bedding

Orange / red / yellow space rocket, cushions and accessories to match

Pink / ivory accessories. Dreamy fairy theme??! Cute kawaii clouds? Wands (stuffed star with long ribbons – Kirsty Alsopp made some) Fluffy rugs (TKMaxx had some gorgeous polyester rugs that felt like I was stroking a puss cat!! )

Grey starry fabric with pale pink fairies

Sports theme (think Converse baseball boots) turquoise blues, whites, starry grey and darker greys, sports themed accessories (balls, bats, gloves, goals)

Monochrome patterns

Geometric patterns/shapes with a pop of colour

Superheroes – add dark reds, navy blues with the white and grey stars (think a bit marvel/Captain America colours)

Similar colour theme to above but could be a London theme rather than America theme – add in London skyline/London taxi/London bus accessories

So many ideas with just one basic pattern. Which one would you choose and do you have any other ideas??

If you wish to order some grey starry covers, follow this link to request some:

Covers Made To Order