Red is a great colour to start our ‘Spotlight’ series with – not only does it have an Autumnal feel, but it lends itself perfectly to Christmas too (and it’s never too early to start planning for Christmas!) So how can red be used in a sleepover theme?


Being a Primary colour, red can lend itself to many colour schemes, and Autumn is a great example of this! Think of red leaves glinting in the sunlight, berries starting to ripen on the trees and hedgerows, rosy red apples, brilliant sunsets and a cosy, glowing fire.

Try a combination of colours for your Autumnal theme – mix red with orange, yellow, brown or beige for you tent covers. Add in some warm-toned fairy lights with strings of artificial leaves and faux flowers and fruits, dried sprays of oats and wheat, textured rugs and cosy cushions. Twinkling tealights add an extra-special glow (battery-operated for safety, of course!) Decorative birds and butterflies add colour and sparkle to the woodland theme, along with plush animals such as foxes, rabbits and squirrels. Perhaps a little red toadstool in amongst your decorations might be the perfect seat for a woodland fairy? Rustic wooden crates can be used in many ways – for storage, staging or even seating. Sawn-off tree stumps make great little tables, and fun snacks and sweets can be served in wooden bowls to complete the look.


Halloween colours tend to be black, orange, purple and green (and that makes a great theme too!) but why not go for a striking colour theme of red, black and grey tent covers? Creepy and vampirish, these colours are the perfect backdrop for a teenage sleepover. Cobwebs, bats and spiders can be strewn throughout the setup, and silvery candlesticks and glittering skulls add an extra-spooky touch. There is a great choice of partyware in the shops leading up to Halloween, so look out for spooky goblets, skeleton dishes and coffin-themed bowls to serve your ghoulish snacks! Box-set of ‘Twighlight’, anyone?

Red, White and Blue

Whether you’re a Union Jack-waving Prom-goer, a Tricolor-weilding fan of Les Miserables, or if you’d rather pledge your allegiance to the Star-Spangled Banner, then a red, white and blue tent theme is for you! (And yes, there are many other countries with red, white and blue flags to choose from as well!) Whatever your reason for celebrating you can add a touch of flair to your patriotic theme with coloured lights, bunting and streamers, or rosettes, banners and pennants. And flags! Don’t forget the flags!


We couldn’t end this blog without mentioning Christmas! Red is such a Christmassy colour, and it pops up in all sorts of colour themes associated with Christmas – from traditional red and green, to candy canes and peppermint sweets, and of course the ever-popular Scandi trends.

Traditional Christmas colours of red and green most likely stem from evergreen leaves and bright red holly berries – a staple of Christmas décor. Choose classic red and emerald green tent covers and decorate with faux garlands and wreaths swathed in sparkling fairy lights. Add glittering Christmas roses for a traditional touch, or fun baubles for a child-friendly theme. Have you seen our super-cute Elf sleeping bags that come with our red mini dens? They’re the perfect size for those cheeky little elf visitors! No Christmas sleepover would be complete without a little Christmas tree in the corner – but the big question is, do you put a star or a fairy on the top?

For a more modern take on a Christmassy theme, why not try a combination of our red and ‘aqua’ tent covers? Our ‘aqua’ is a beautiful shade of minty-green which lends itself perfectly to the mouth-watering candy-cane, peppermint shades that are so on-trend. Adorn your tents with lights and tinsel and hang up your Christmas stocking for a bright, modern feel. Serve candy canes and sweet treats in pretty dishes, and don’t forget the hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows!

Scandi Christmas themes have been around for a number of years now, but new twists on this timeless scheme means that it’s just as popular as ever! A Scandi themed sleepover looks great with all-red tents, or mix it up a little by adding white in there too. This can be a gorgeous, more sophisticated sleepover theme for older children. Simplicity is the key here – you can introduce a touch of colour with a green garland or tree, or stick with white for your accent touches. Alternatively, neutral shades can be introduced in the form of twiggy wreathes and stars, or add a driftwood wall-hanging tree with cool white lights. White or neutral serving trays with simple, chic dishes for food and drinks give a clean, sophisticated feel. Faux-sheepskin rugs and knitted cushion covers add warmth and texture to complete the look – think Hygge!

There are many other fun themes involving red – pirates, sports and Valentine’s Day to name a few! We’d love to see photos of your ‘Red’ themed sleepovers that showcase your gorgeous red tents!

If you fancy adding red covers to your themes, head to our ready made covers or made to order area to get yours.

Credit to Sarah for writing this blog 🙂