Just imagine, laying on a seriously comfy mattress, snuggled up underneath a blanket and entering your own little world – where will you go? Me? I’m laying gazing up at the stars on a clear, warm night. Watching the shooting stars pass overhead making trails in the sky. Ooh, I think I can see a planet – Mars! Yes, I can see Mars! It feels amazing. It feels relaxing. I feel content.

Did you know that the sleepover tents that you have can offer this kind of safe, secure feeling for a child?

February 7th – February 11th is Children’s Mental Health Week and we have been celebrating it on social media, sharing ways in which sleepover tents can help support this extremely important topic.

Our introduction post on Monday, shared some quotes from a a really great website, click here to visit, who have a whole page dedicated to making and building dens, as well as ideas of our own:

Dens can also be classed as sensory zones, fitted with the right accessories, lights etc, your sleepover tent can become a safe haven for any child to hide away in when they feel exposed the big, outdoors. Our post on Friday, shared some theoretical evidence from various websites as to why a chill out zone, safe room or however you wish to phrase it, is an essential need for any child.

Why dens are good for mental health

I know, from my own children, that when they are feeling overwhelmed with things or feel like they just need a break, they ask for one of the tents in their room. Generally, they like to sleep in it as it makes them feel more secure, but they will often just go in there to read or play with their toys. It gives them somewhere to go.

I’d love to hear ways in which you feel that sleepover tents have helped support the mental health of children, or even adults. Please share your stories in the comments.


Sam 😀