Funds don’t stretch forever and we want to get the bast investment for our money, so in this short blog we are going to have a look at some places where you can find some bargains!

Quality needs to play a part here! Do you want to spend a small amount for a product that you may only use once or twice, or do you want to spend a little more and get something which may last. Either way, we don’t want to be spending a fortune! Something else which needs to be considered for sleepover event planners is the need for safety and legislation. Which products do you need to make sure are UKCA tested for your business? The answer, to be on the safe side, is everything! Legally, anything which can be considered as a play item must have the UKCA mark. This includes, and not exclusive to; themed, shaped cushions, teddies, eye masks which have been personalised or themed, sleep wear.

That being said, there are many accessories which can be purchased at reasonable prices. The following is a list of our favourite places to shop, without having to spend a fortune!

Home Bargains, B&M, Poundland, Dunelm, Shein, Argos, Ikea, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, Hobbycraft, Primark, Wilkos

shop local

It’s always important to try and support local where you can and I’m sure that wherever you live there will be independent suppliers who can offer you a deal or a top quality product. Local markets and craft fairs are also worth a visit as are car boot sales.

We’d love to hear where your favourite places to shop for accessories are. Pop it in the comments below.