Ever wondered how to make accessories and things for your businesses but not known where to start?

Well, here at Magical Spaces HQ we love all things craft and whilst a lot of you out there are extremely proficient yourselves, there are some of you who have asked us a variety of questions about where to start.

You may have noticed on Social Media and Youtube (Yes, Youtube!!!) that we have started a series of videos called the ‘How To’ series. This is in response to such questions that we have been asked, but also our way of bringing the educational aspects of our trainings into the business. Teaching is in our genes and this is our way of giving back and helping you out with some ideas of personalising and creating unique set ups.

The first three videos in the series have already been released and there will be another one every other Friday. We have a long list of what we can show you but we are always open for ideas and inspiration so please, send us some ideas!!! Make sure you subscribe to our Youtube Channel to keep up to date with our new videos – and don’t forget to share the love with others!!


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So, without further ado, here are the first two in the ‘How to’ series:

How To Make A Super Simple Cushion

(The Youtube link wouldn’t work for this one, but if you follow the link above – you will find it on our channel!)

Start by cutting your fabric to the sizes which you require.

– For a 45cm square cushion insert, I cut one square of fabric to between 42-44cm
(depending how plump you want your cushion)
– You also need 2 rectangles to the same width as above and about 40cm wide

2. Hem one long edge on each of the rectangles by folding over 1cm and ironing.

– If you wish to make the cushions a little neater, you could fold over another 1cm to hide the
frayed edge.

3. Sew down the hems

4. Place the square, pattern face up. Place the two rectangles, with the hems face up, on the
top and peg or pin into place.

5. Sew around the edge of the square, reinforcing where the rectangles overlap.

6. Trim the corners and any excess fabric around the edge

7. Turn the cushion the right way out and iron.

How To Make Bunting

Start by cutting your fabric to the size and number of triangles which you require.

– We used a stencil in the video for the large flags, there are many available on Amazon

– The small rectangles in the video are 12cm x 13cm

2. Sew your triangles together. Make sure that if you are using patterned fabric that you place
the pattern on the inside.

3. Trim the edges and corners to tidy them up

4. Turn the triangle the right way out and iron them

5. Peg your triangles along your bias binding at the position that you would like them.

6. Sew along the bias binding inserting the flags at the correct points if you haven’t already
pinned them.

7. Optional: Sew the edges of the bias binding to tidy the ends up and stop it fraying.

How To Personalise Bunting

1. Now you have made your bunting, you may want to add some lettering or pictures using iron
on vinyl

2. Using a cutting machine (I use a Cricut Maker in this video) type out your letters and choose the font. Resize the letters correctly (measure your flags to get the correct size)

3. Make sure you mirror your image if you are using a cutting machine as iron on vinyl cuts out upside down

4. Once the design is cut, weed the excess vinyl and cut each letter out separately

5. I use an iron in the video as I find with this iron vinyl it works well. Make sure you read the instructions of the specific brand that you use to ensure you have the right temperature. You also need to see if the vinyl is hot or cold peel.

6. Warm the fabric where the vinyl will be placed. Place the design on the fabric and cover with butchers paper or a special sheet (supplied with some vinyls). Some vinyls don’t need this but I prefer to use it to prevent any scorching.

7. Hold the iron on for the length of time specified by the make of the vinyl. If you are unsure, work in blocks of 10 seconds and check in between. If the backing peels away easily, it is ready.

8. Peel away the backing, hot or cold – depending on the make of vinyl.

9. I always give the vinyl a last iron, front and back, just to ensure it has completely stuck.

We hope you enjoy our series and we would love to see your makes. Don’t forget to tell us what other sorts of makes you would like to see!


Alternatively, if you would prefer to let us do the hard work, you can always purchase bunting, cushions and other fabulous things from us by following the link below…..

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